Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Months


Hey Beckett-bud...now that you are SIX months old, I guess I had better write up your FIVE month post!  Better late than never, right!?  I am so behind because you, little one, have decided you don't like to sleep very much during the day.  Stinker!  One day you will want to take naps and you won't get to (like when you're in school...or at work in your career...or when you're a dad yourself!) haha!  So how about you take those naps now while you can! :)

You started grabbing your toes this month!  Before, you were only grabbing your thighs, but now you can reach all the way to your toes.  Sometimes you will even pull your foot (or both feet) all the way up to your mouth.  I am not sure how you can be so flexible or how you can get your feet up there over your big round belly! :)  You are so proud of that.

Your current loves:

Mommy and Daddy
smiling...your favorite!
being outside
watching Avery outside
being held to fall asleep
being talked/sung to in high-pitched, happy voices
gnawing on everything!
saying the mmmm sound
standing up anywhere (on us, ottoman, exersaucer, etc)
musical toys
looking out the front window

Current dislikes:

being in the exersaucer too long
when I leave the room for a second (when you are already tired and fussy)
not getting dressed/eating quick enough after your bath
being overtired

There is not much that you do not like...you are one happy bambino!

Since last month, you have:

gone down to three short naps
gotten a little better at sitting up (assisted)
made your first trip to KY (an AWFUL road trip for you, buddy)
met your cousins, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents for the first time
celebrated your first Memorial Day
become a master at rolling over, both ways, and all over the floor
started passing things (toys) back and forth in your hands
started grabbing your toes
continued chewing and gnawing on everything (but still no teeth)
gotten more hair back, yay!


You are fully out of 6-9 month clothes!  You are mostly in 9-12 month or 12 month clothes.  Big bubba!  Almost all of your shorts are 12 months.  Your little (big) thighs are so thick and scrumptious.  Your summer rompers are either 9 or 12 months.  We moved you to a size 4 disposable diaper, mostly because we ran out of size 3 and that puts you and Avery in the same size now.  You can also wear the one size cloth diapers.  You don't wear shoes yet but if you did I'd say you would be a size 2 or 3.  You have a cute little brown pair of shoes in size 3 that I'm hoping you can wear in the fall with a few outfits.


Your sleep took a turn for the worst this month, I'm afraid!  We thought it was the "4 month sleep regression phase".  Well, the books say that lasts around 5-10 days.  Yours never went away.  You started figuring us out...too smart!!  You would frequently wake up and realize you weren't in mama's arms anymore and then cry.  We also started putting you in your room in your crib once we got back from our Kentucky trip.  You go down fine if you are good and asleep but the minute you stir and wake up and realize you're in your own bed, you start crying.  You would wake up anywhere from 2-5 times during the night.  The only thing that soothes you is to nurse or for me to hold you.  If Daddy holds you, you would just squirm and not go back to sleep.  For your naps, your first morning nap is ok...change you, feed you, then lay you down (usually asleep).  But every other nap is a struggle to get you to sleep.  You will be so tired, rubbing your eyes and fussing, but then still refuse to go down for a nap.  Your naps are anywhere from 20-45 minutes, which is too short for a 5 month old!  You will usually take two longer naps (around 40 min) and a short cat nap in the evening (around 20 min).  We will be working on getting a better sleep schedule.  We all need more consistency!

Despite your lack of sleep this month, you are still one happy chappy!  You will have times where you are fussy and don't want to be put down or you get tired of doing something after only a couple of minutes.  For the majority of the time you are happy and smiling, especially when Avery is around.

At your 4 month well child visit, you weighed 16 lb 14 oz (70th percentile) and was 25 inches long (60th percentile).

So, I am guessing that at 5 months you are around 18.5lbs and 26 inches but you don't have another check up until 6 months...so we will wait and see!

Beckett sir, you are such a dream!  You are sweet and cuddly, sweet as sugar.  How did we get so lucky to have a happy baby like you?  And such a smiley little thing you are to your big sister Avery!  Some of my favorite times during the day are standing you up on my lap and laughing and playing with you.  You are very alert and respond back to me like you are having so much fun.  I also love watching you watch Avery.  You follow her with your eyes and smile at her.  One of her favorite things is to go get you when you wake up from your naps.  She always wants me to put her in your bed.  She lays next to you and you both laugh and smile.  You try to grab her hair but she doesn't really mind (for now)!  We love you buddy, to the moon and back!


Momma & Daddy

5 month comparison with Avery...

   Your monthly comparison pics...

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