Sunday, April 20, 2014

Y2 W6

Y2 W5

Y2 W4

Y2 W3

15 Weeks


Beckett buddy, how cute are you!?  Your poor hair is falling out at a rapid pace :(  You still have most of it in the back but the top and sides are thinning out pretty quick!  You love kicking you chubby legs.  If you are laying on your back or when you are in the bath tub, you are constantly moving those little legs!  You really like music and being sung to.  And you light up when Daddy gets home from work.  Such a sweet little babe you are!  Love you, sugar!!


Momma & Daddy

14 Weeks


You are three months old but you really look like a six month old!  You are growing and learning more each day.  You have really loved getting to be outside the last few days when it's been warm.  Sometimes it's too windy but you usually love it outside!  You are so smiley.  You will smile at anyone who looks at you.  Sweet boy!  You are definitely a happy and easy baby!

Love you buddy,

Momma & Daddy

Friday, April 11, 2014

Avery and Beckett lately...

March 2014 iphone pictures...
Avery just turned 2 years and Beckett 3 months old...

This was before Beck's newborn hair started falling out :( :(

The night before Avery's birthday...she picked Christmas jammies


Getting ready for March Madness!

Visit from the Knipps for Avery's birthday...twins!

Daddy was holding Beckett while I got ready for bed...I came back to both of them snoozing away

Silly Aves!

Car nap...always tucks her hands under her legs haha!

Fun on the hotdog slide at mini golf with the Knipps!

This hole at mini golf was glow in the dark

Eyeing the zanzibar ice cream

Trying out Avery's new picnic table from Momma K and Poppa Si...they were eating ice haha

Children's museum...where Avery fractured her leg :(

A little reading time with her friend Pey Pey

Lauren and 12 week old Beckett

Really starting to get strong neck muscles

Bored selfies with my babies.  I'm not mad about it ;)

Loves his play mat!

Aves being hilarious and putting on Beckett's size 3 month pants haha

One of Beckett's top favorite things, the bath!

Too much work, Momma!

Aves in her Easter sweater that Poppa Si made her and her new learning tower in the kitchen.

Chilly walk with Poppa Si...she was walking with a limp at this point but she felt much better after about a week.

Sleepy bubs in my favorite jammies of his.

Beck with Momma K

Love his little grin

And her cheesy smile

Always wanting to hold his hands :)

And lay next to him while he gets a diaper change

Look at that face!  So sweet like sugar!!

Feeling much better after a few days rest for her poor leg!

Picnic time

Spring in Wisconsin still means hat and mittens but at least we got out in the sun!

Falls asleep pretty quickly on our walks

Trying to shovel away the remainder of our snow

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of him.  A big ol genuine smile :) (and a thumbs up, too)

Just maybe he looks like me...a little?  Pretty sure both babes are Nathan made over.  Ha!

Getting so big in his carseat...good thing we can take the extra cover off as it gets warmer!

Eating her samples at costco on the step in front of the fridge

Sleepy bubba

My joys

Must be tired to sleep like that!

Oh these precious babes!

He knows his bath water is running...he kicks and gets excited at the sound of it.  So cute.

Love the freshly bathed and jammie pics!

So sad we had to dress this warm to walk down the street to a play date in mid March!

Photog Avery

Both kiddos at exactly 13 weeks old

Loves the bath!

Dr. Avery

Big sister was here...

Avery watching the cookies bake.

First time in the Bumbo!


Avery's selfie

Opening day

Big bey-bah

Stick em up

This happy!

Whatchu lookin at momma!?

Nice spring walk!

Sleepy smiles

Always holding his hand

Pirate jammies

Happy in his New Zealand hat

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