Thursday, January 26, 2012

34 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 34 Weeks!  Is this real life?  How can I already be 34 weeks?  It seems like we just found out about a month ago! lol
Size of baby: Baby Vaughn is about 17.8 inches long from head to heel and about 4.10 pounds! (They compared it to the weight of a honeydew this week).  Getting so big!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +17-18 lb. according to the doc
Maternity Clothes: Always maternity pants or stretchy yoga/sleep pants.  I'm still stretching into regular tops with long tanks underneath.  Not sure how...they will probably all be stretched out soon. haha  But the maternity tops are more comfortable and have much better belly coverage.
Gender: Baby V is a GIRL!!!
Movement: Lots and lots of movement still!  I'm starting to notice her most active times are early in the morning, like 7am, then again around 10am, then about 4pm, and again at 10pm.  I still feel her swimming around in between those times, but those are the times I can see and feel my whole belly moving like a little gymnast is in there or something!
Sleep: I'm still able to fall asleep easily and I sleep like a rock.  I am glad my body wakes up to potty though!  I go like 2-3 times during the night but I can always fall back asleep fast.  I hope baby Girl is as good of a sleeper as me or we are in for some rough nights and mornings!  I am NOT a morning person! haha  I have pretty much gotten used to sleeping on my sides.  Sometimes I will wake up on my back, woops!  My doctor says it's ok, especially since I wake up (obviously alive and breathing).
What I miss: If I had to say something, I would say that I miss not getting up at night to potty.  But honestly, it's not a huge hassle.
Cravings: Still cereal.  I could probably have it 3 meals a day, but I don't.  Lots of milk, too.
Symptoms: Growing belly!  Sometimes I wonder how I can even make it 6 more weeks without it just bursting open.  Women's bodies can stretch and do amazingly weird things!
Best Moment this week:  Just being 34 weeks!  The chances of baby's survival are greater than 98%, which is really reassuring!  Not that I was worried, but I look at every week as another week closer to full term.  Holy moly, full term is in 3 weeks!!  That's 21 days, people!  I feel like we are only about 25% ready at this point!  I have a long list of to-do items that don't even have anything to do with the nursery, like deep cleaning, organizing, changing filters, etc.  Then there's the nursery.  If we can settle on what we want in the white frames for the walls, then I'll feel like a huge chunk will be done.  We are still in the market for a glider.  It's hard to find a white one.  I think white wood would match the best but wouldn't necessarily look the best in other rooms of the house (if we ever wanted to move it out of her room), so I am not sure if I want to go with a white frame.  Then there's fabric colors to choose from as well.  So, suggestions are welcome!  There are also several things we need to buy for her to be really ready.  I am excited that the ladies in my small group are having a shower for me (us) this weekend!  They are some of the best ladies I know and are definitely my great friends!  I'm sure it will be perfect and I can't wait to share pictures!  We have the tour of L&D at the hospital tonight.  I hope it's not overwhelming!  I may sign up for a class or two that they offer.  We'll see.  6ish weeks to go!

Another 34 week picture...


Ashley said...

EKK! 34 weeks!!! You look great, Momma! Now, deep breath and remember that all little miss needs is you. :) My house wasn't spotless. Brayden's nursery wasn't done before he was born. And we took trips after the baby was born to get those last minute things. Everything will be perfect. :)

Just the Two of US said...

you look adorable, almost done! i bet you can't wait!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Looking great mama!!!

BlessedMama said...

Wahoo! You look great! She will be here before you know it :o)

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