Thursday, February 2, 2012

35 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 Weeks!  I am at the 35/35 mark...35 weeks along and 35 days to go!  (Sorry, I think picnic really messed with the quality of the picture this week.  Not sure why it's all blurry because it doesn't show up like that in my iPhoto.)
Size of baby: Baby Vaughn is about 18.19 inches long from head to heel and about 5.25 pounds! (About the size of a spaghetti squash this week).  Baby girl is getting SO big.  Every week I wonder how my belly can possibly get any bigger without bursting open, and then the next week it IS bigger.  Still 5ish weeks to go, yikes!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +20-21lb. *updated since going to the doc

Maternity Clothes: Always maternity pants or stretchy yoga/sleep pants.  I definitely prefer maternity tops for the coverage but it has been so warm here lately, like mid 70's and sunny, and 98% of my maternity tops are long sleeved or 3/4 sleeved.  So I'm still cramming into regular tops if I don't have any where special to go! ha!  Fun fact: we have yet to turn on our heat for "winter"!  We've had a few chilly nights but nothing an electric blanket can't fix.  Yay for being huge pregnant in winter and not needing the heat on!  It makes up for when we will need the A/C on full blast in the summer when it's 115 degrees out!  I am always HOT!  Moving on...
Gender: Baby V is a GIRL!!!
Movement: Still lots of movement!  I don't see how she's not just completely out of room in there.  My stomach is hard in certain places and I always try to figure out what body part it is.  I'm pretty sure I can always tell where her back and booty are.  Her back is still snug on my ride side and booty is high and to the right, but sometimes moves to the center.  So all the strong kicks are on my left or directly into my organs. haha
Sleep: Knock on wood, I still sleep so well!  It takes a minute to get comfortable with my pillows wedged in the right places, but I fall asleep fast.  I'm still getting up about 2-3 times per night, so that's not too bad!  I do have to rollllll out of bed though...either that or be given a boost or helping hand. ha ha!
What I miss: I really don't think I miss anything.  Pregnancy has been easy for me and has actually made me feel really good.
Cravings: I haven't had as much cereal this week.  My box of raisin bran is still half full lol!  We have been going through milk by the gallons though.  One gallon no longer lasts us a full week.  With a 9 month pregnant lady craving cold milk and a husband who can drink milk by the gallon, it lasts about 4 days, maybe 5 if we are using it sparingly, like "Oh we don't have much left, I'll just get half a glass".  My secret is to ask for the price match at WalMart and get it for $1.57!!
Symptoms: Growing.belly.for.sure!  I have all these visible veins around the top of my belly.  I hope that means she's getting good blood flow but they kind of freak me out.  I find it harder to take deep breaths unless I am resting in a comfortable position (i.e. not leaning straight back, squishing my lungs).  I am definitely winded after going up the stairs and sometimes just talking a lot or telling a story will make me have to slow down and catch my breath. haha!  See?  She's getting big and pushing on my lungs to where they can't fill up fully.  If I am up on my feet a lot during the day or bending over a lot (babysitting or cleaning), I think I get some braxton hicks in the evening.  I try to take it easy and then they go away.  I also came down with some kind of allergy/sickness this past weekend.  We deep cleaned our kitchen and downstairs after having a few cracked tiles replaced (which left dust everywhere).  I woke up Saturday with an extremely sore throat and thought it was just from breathing in the dust and getting our house good and clean.  But it lingered into Sunday, Monday, and by Tuesday it was a little better.  I have been taking a Zyrtec for the last 3 days.  Now my throat is better but I'm stuck with a dry cough which sometimes makes my breathing wheezy, so I am going to ask my doctor about that today for sure. *Updated since going to the doc:  She said my lungs are clear.  I must be getting over these allergy symptoms because I feel better and my couch is mostly going away.  yay!
Best Moment this week:  The best moment this week would be my sweet little baby shower hosted by my small group ladies from church!  They had the cutest decorations and the most fun games!  It was a super fun little brunch and we got lots of goodies for our girl.  See the cute cake picture below.  The birdies match the ones on her bedding perfectly!  I will post more pictures when I get them from my friend who took them all.  We also started washing up all the little clothes we have for her.  I am realizing she has so many little onesies and sleepers for up to 6 months, but slim pickin's after that, so the next clothes we will buy will be bigger sizes but we'll wait to see if she's gonna be a chunker or a skinny minny.  Today begins the cloth diaper prepping!  We've got ourselves a drying rack and some Rockin' Green soap and after lots of hot washes, we'll be ready to go.  We can't wait to meet our girl in 35 days (plus or minus some, depending on her stubborness). :) * Updated since going to the doc:  Baby's heart beat was 147bpm and she's still head down with her back on my right side and tootsies on my lower left side.  My blood pressure is still good and belly is measuring on track at 34cm.  By the way, that sounds huge to me. ha ha!  Now we go for our check up every week.  And I have a feeling the next "check" won't be very fun, but I guess we'll see if there's any progress going on.


Karen said...

I love watching your weekly progress. I am getting soooo excited!

Just the Two of US said...

Getting so close! you still look adorable as ever! love that cake!

Kit said...

I love the color progression on the cake!!! I can not believe you only have around 35 more days!!! Little miss will be here before you know it.

I feel the same way about my belly...that it cant get any bigger but then it always does :)

BlessedMama said...

So cute! I love your belly? Is it itching yet? Oh man mine did it was from all the stretching going on...Lotion helps that.
Super cute cake. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I saw a couple that were tagged to you on FB. Do y'all have her name picked out yet?

The Starr Family said...

Ryan, you look beautiful!!!! I have been TERRIBLE at getting around to my fave blogs and leaving comments!! Its fun to watch your progress each week... it only gets better when that sweet babe will arrive!

ps... that cake is gorgeous!!

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