Thursday, February 16, 2012

37 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 Weeks and 1 Day!  We now have a full term baby!  And boy is it showing.  I think my belly doubled in size the last two weeks, hence why I am bursting out of that shirt.  I have to keep pulling it down in the front.  ha!  I am too cheap to buy more maternity shirts, so I will just deal!  lol  So little lady can come any time now, but I fully expect to go at least until my due date, if not a week or so after!
Size of baby: Baby Vaughn is about 19 inches long from head to heel and weighs about 6.4 pounds! (BabyCenter compares it to the length of a "stalk of Swiss chard"...whatever that is).  I feel like she is hu.mon.gous!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +25lb....yikes!  We'll see for sure at the doctor's tomorrow.
Maternity Clothes: Always maternity pants or stretchy yoga/sleep pants.  Like I said last week, my best maternity shirts are 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves, and it is in the 70's here and I just get too HOT wearing anything but short sleeves!  Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have a job where I have to dress professionally every day or else I would have had to spend a fortune on maternity clothes that fit properly!
Gender: Baby V is a GIRL!!!
Movement: She still moves a TON but it's not kicks and jabs anymore, it's like slow rolling/stretching movements, like "Hey, I'm really cramped in here."  Parts of my stomach will feel rock hard and other parts squishy and then she'll move and make it look lopsided.
What I miss: Still don't miss anything!
Cravings: Still craving lots of milk!  We plow through the gallons!  And I'm still loving cereal with LOTS of milk.  I am now onto Corn Chex cereal with a little good!
Symptoms: Growing.belly.for.sure!  Thank goodness, I do believe my allergy symptoms are mostly gone.  I still have some (TMI) drainage and snot in the mornings, but it's getting better and I can breathe out of my nose again.  But new this week, I have achy finger joints.  Mainly just my knuckles.  In the middle of the night, they feel so sore that I can hardly make a fist.  But they aren't swollen, just really sore!  They get better during the day but still hurt at times.  I first thought maybe I slept with my fists scrunched up, but it has happened like every night this week.  So strange!  Maybe there's just some extra fluid around my joints.  But my other joints, like knees, hips, toes, wrists, etc...all seem to be fine.  Who knows, just another weird pregnancy thing!  Luckily, I haven't had much swelling at all.  I can only slightly notice it if I've been on my feet all day.  My feet get tired but they aren't huge and puffy, thank goodness!
Best Moment this week:  Making it to 37 weeks!  Yay, full term baby!  Honestly, a bigger fear than actual labor for me was delivering a preemie baby.  Now I hope that fear doesn't turn into delivering a 10 pound baby!  ha!!  We are blessed to have made it this far without complications and hope that the next few weeks go by just as smoothly.  I am feeling great and haven't had any contractions or pain, so my guess is, she'll stay put for a few more weeks.  That will be fine by me.  I like her living in there and it will give us time to be completely ready (and maybe even catch a spring training game, haha!).  Hmmm, what's easier: going to a spring training game at 40 weeks pregnant or going with a newborn?  Probably going at 40 weeks.  lol!  We worked a lot on the nursery last weekend.  We finally have the frame wall collage hung up (but still need to add her name and monogram in two of the frames.)  See, we are not keeping a secret, we just honestly have not decided yet!  This took forever!  We measured all the spaces so it wouldn't look so random.  Nate also got some curtains hung and we got lots of things put away.  I will take some pictures once I think it looks ok. :)  All the work makes us feel more ready, but there is still plenty left to do.  Hopefully after working on it some more this weekend, we will get to "99% ready."  The last three big things we need to get are a monitor, diaper bag, and the car seat attachment bar for our stroller.  I think we are pretty much set on everything else.  We even picked up diapers and wipes to use until we get the hang of our cloth diapers.  She's got clothes, diapers, a car seat, mama, and daddy, and a nice place to sleep, so if she came right now, I'm sure we would be just fine!  I am not going to wish the next three weeks away because I am not miserable by any means, so I am going to soak them up and just make sure we are all set to bring a baby home.  Here's to hoping the next few weeks go by smoothly!  :)

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Lindsay said...

Your right! Your belly seems to have really popped. :) Soak up your last few weeks of her on your belly, I missed it so much! It's such an amazing thing.

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