Friday, March 16, 2012

1 Week

Happy 1 week, Baby Girl!

We are two days late posting about your first week, but that's how things go with a newborn.  Baby comes first! :)


You are the sweetest little baby!  We are so surprised at how content you are.  As long as you are full and dry, you are just the most content little thing!  You have times where you will stay awake for 2-3+ hours at a time (thankfully, during the day!), just looking around and listening to us talk to you.  You love to make eye contact with us and just stare.  We are still getting the hang of nursing, but you are learning teaching me like a champ!  It has gotten better every day and you love to eat.  You like to eat about every 3-4 hours at night and every 2-3 hours during the day.  You sleep in the bassinet in our room and do very well in there.  You don't wake us up crying, you just make little mouse noises, like "Momma, I'm getting hungry."  :)  Sweet thing!  We love you to pieces and are enjoying having you here.  We hope you stay little because you are so tiny and snuggly!  You weighed 7.1 lb at 6 days old and 7.8 lb at 9 days old.  Almost back to birth weight.  You are gaining and growing fast!  You are enjoying having your Momma K here to visit and look forward to meeting your other grandparents, too.

We love you, honey bunches!

Momma & Daddy


Ashley said...

Happy 1 week!! She's adorable!

Ashley said...

She's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Such a blessing!

Lauren said...

So precious!!! :-)

Amanda said...

oh my goodness.....i cried reading this! she is so beautiful friend! i am so very happy for you guys!!!!

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