Monday, April 16, 2012

Iced coffee, anyone?

My mom recently tried making the Pioneer Woman's version of iced coffee.  She said hers turned out really good!  I told her I didn't want to make such a large batch and that's when she told me I could have the same result with just chilled coffee from the fridge.

So here's what I did and it is SO good!

You will need chilled coffee, La Lechera condensed milk, 2% milk or half and half, ice, and a tumbler cup.

Brew some strong coffee (I use Dunkin Donuts) in the evening, take it off the burner as soon as it's done, and let it cool for about an hour or two.  Then, set it in the fridge for over night.

I just store the coffee in it's pot in the fridge.  You should probably put it in some kind of air tight container to keep it even more fresh, but this worked for me.

In the morning, fill your tumbler cup to the top with ice.  Lots of ice.  Then fill the cup 3/4 full with coffee.  Add 3 tbs condensed milk (this squeeze bottle is easier than opening the kind in the can, plus they have a caramel kind).  Then add a splash of milk or half and half.  Stir it up and you're good to go!  Just a note: half and half makes it much better, more creamy, but we all know where that goes straight to.  You can rotate it with other milk of your choice on other days of the week haha!

That's a fine cup of iced coffee for probably less than 50 cents.  That saves you like 3 bucks from getting one at Sbucks or Dunkin.  You should try it!  It's very easy.  I can even make a cup of it with a baby in my arms!


BlessedMama said...

Yummy. I wrote it down & am definately going to try it. Thanks for sharing :)

Lindsay said...

Sounds great! :)

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