Wednesday, May 9, 2012

9 Weeks


Well, we just did your 2 month update yesterday, but you also turn 9 weeks old today, so it's a good excuse for some more sweet pictures. :)  You are already getting more difficult to photograph.  Your arms and legs are usually blurry since you love to kick and punch!  You have also discovered that you can bring your fist to your mouth and try to suck on your hand, fingers, thumb.  Oh nelly!  You are just as sweet as ever and I can't believe you are already 9 weeks old!  I wonder how old you will be when we stop counting by weeks?  ha!  I think today, we will go shopping together.  Momma needs a few new things to wear and you love your stroller!  We need to get ready for our anniversary trip to San Diego in a few weeks.  It will be the first time for all of us to see the Pacific Ocean.  I know you are too little for swimming and sun bathing, plus, the water will be freezing, but I'm so excited to put your little toes in the sand for the first time, even if it's just for a little bit.  We love you honey girl!!


Momma & Daddy

And just because I couldn't pick just one picture, here are a few more... :)


Adelyn said...

What sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

She is so so so so cute!! LOVE that hair!!!

Natalie said...

How perfectly sweet is she?! That hair, oh I just LOVE it!! :)

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